Wednesday, May 11, 2016

a monopoly of words

words just out of reach
i can almost touch them
can almost taste them
on the back of my achilles heel

people often like
the shit you cannot abide
weird how that works out
and doesn’t work out
when everything’s breaking down
and universal support is another
hacking cough

words drummed out of me
on account of always having
too much to say
until i’m in a room with strangers
strangers leave me speechless
strangers don’t get me
and i don’t get strangers

a monopoly of words
of sludge
of rudimentary rubbish
another rubicon gone belly up
another rimjob
minus the asshole

and the words
are just out of reach
i am not done trying
i am not through
making a mockery
out of this crucifixion
you pray to on an
endless loop

Charles Cicirella

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