Sunday, August 02, 2015

i am still here

just stuck my finger up my ass to scratch an itch
made me think of when i met allen ginsberg
i handed him a collection of my poetry
he quickly flipped through it saw the word asshole
and said he had written a poem about his asshole

i am still here
right here
but you are gone
and it makes me feel nothing at all

i am not bukowski
or donovan (thank god)

i am just me
and i am happy being me
because i have never been anyone else
and why would i want to be

just stuck my finger up my ass
it reminded me of when you would lick my asshole
i guess you call it a rimjob
you are the only person who has had their tongue up my ass
and i wonder if you ever think about that and how it may make you feel

whenever you would do it
i would worry what if i hadn’t wiped well enough
but then i figured too late now and if there was any shit left
you would inadvertently take care of it and basically
i killed two birds with one rather slippery stone

charles cicirella

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