Thursday, January 19, 2017

Illegitimate President

Shooting blanks
Drawing false conclusions
I’m a train wreck
Root briar

Orange peckerwood
P. T. Barnum empty suit wanna be    
Carpet bagger cock-sucker reptile
Bible salesman

Fact breaker
Double standard savior
Truth annihilator
Holocaust Denier
Shooting blanks
Drawing false conclusions

Shuckster huckster
Lionizer of the dead
Repeat offender
Translucent felon
Alpha aggressor - Double agent

Diet Pepsi celebrator
Feudal Lord Fantasizer
Master race propagandist
Hate Monger Little Rascal
Shooting blanks

Peddling distraction
Pussy grabber gratifier
Madam George drag queen
All gristle and fat, no meat
Basket case rodeo clown

New normal napalm breakfast bar
Orange Julius Sickle and Hammer
“Praise be to Nero's Neptune”
“The Titanic sails at dawn”
Shooting blanks
Tar and feathered
Pharmaceutical salesmen
Rodeo clown ass hat
Manchurian Candidate
Red meat provocateur
Howard Rourke martyred Saint

Slam us into the dirty ground
Time of the Assassins
Slam us into a compromising position
Blackmailed, bankrupted
Minority President
Shooting blanks
Master of illusion

Champion narcissist
Mark of the Beast
Stickler for details
Room Full of Mirrors
Howard Hughes captive audience

Bury us in the cold, cold ground
Uncle Wiggily's Adventures
Attack our baser instincts
No more room at the inn
Shooting blanks
Master of devious practices

Illegitimate President
Outsourced intelligence
Ridiculed reprobate
Massive infraction
Dimestore pervert

Out of your league
High priced ankle biter
Golden shower Commander and Debriefer
Hitler apologist
Sodom and Gomorrah whore monger
Shooting blanks
No longer resisting temptation

Birther blasphemer
Spewing vile rhetoric
Twitter tweeker
Victor’s spoils sorely sodomized
Liar Liar pants on fire

Ivanka lap dance lap dog
Chronic liar
Pseudo psycho melodrama
Rhapsodic cock sucker
Putin puppet paid shill

Scorched scurvy ass pirate piƱata
Housing discrimination
Roy Cohn fallen angel
Misanthropic war games
Atomic football interception

Dunce cap
Tadpole attention span
NYC public restroom flea dick
Lost in translation
Minority President

Jailbait rapist and chief
Exfoliated sheets
Orange construction paper
Liar liar pants on fire
Shooting blanks
Knives sharpened

Slumlord playboy sadist
Jew hating slobbering fool
Celebrity bore
Boorish nincompoop opportunist
Bad medicine, bad mojo slave owner
Shooting blanks
Celebrating hate

Christ betrayer
Daughter fucker
Shakespearean villain
Clash of the titans
Shooting blanks
Celebrating white power
Evil’s twin
Satan’s spawn
Bad Seed
Shooting blanks
Celebrating nothing


Charles Cicirella

Monday, January 16, 2017


People don’t listen and now Leonard is dead.
What’s even the point of going to sleep only to wake up again?
And I refuse to give the orange sociopath a chance because they never gave Pres. Obama the time of day as obstructionism kills us in our cribs.
And the Supreme Court is weaponizing for the beginning of the end.

People would rather bury their heads in the sand than face up to the cruel reality that hellfire is raining down upon us like cotton candy raging from Satan’s red puckered asshole.
And now Leonard’s dead and I don’t know how to wrap my head around any of this increasingly awful news.

Don’t acquiesce!
Don’t let the bastards grind you down!
Civil disobedience is the only hope we have left as the assassins do everything to roll back Pres. Obama’s legacy.
And the people would rather rage against the machine not realizing we’ve been sold down the river a long time ago and populism is the new Black Death.

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thirteenth Poem (Assplay)

No one paying me any mind so I’ll say what I want like every honest to God real artist needs to constantly be doing.
Doesn’t matter if you’re a legend with barnacles growing on your beak or some young tweeker hungry for the fame and supposed glory.
We’re all playing with limited time even if we refuse to face that fixed fact and when it comes we’ll more than likely be shopping at Walmart or playing with ourselves in front of another NSA hidden in plain view camera.

I don’t want anything shoved up my ass.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but I just prefer to keep it an exit point and not a point of entry.
Even if you tempted me with a hamster all rolled in the purest cocaine I’d still prefer to snort the coke up my nose and leave the hamster to its own furry rodent devices.

I am now going to take a shit and when I come back I hope the rest of this poem is nearly in place because when it comes to heavy lifting I prefer to leave that to better and more muscular men.
The shit was rather uneventful. I wiped until there was no more brown, but I’ll still scratch because Godliness is not always next to cleanliness no matter how hard you try.
We best resist temptation even when it’s spread eagle before us like a ripe pin up in need of proper lubrication and a shot of rhythm and blues to get her through.

The naked night attacked me from all sides and when it was through I was left a mess of rumpled clothes and a hangover even Philip Marlowe would not have been able to crack.
There’s no justification for how some people act. They say charity begins at home and yet take a look at your typical American family and you’re bound to run the other way.
Christian family values has always been code for look out only for yourself and get out while the getting is still good. People have a selective memory when it comes to Christ and how he was and will forever be a Jew and would never condone the sound and the fury coming out of too many people’s pie holes.

Charles Cicirella