Thursday, September 14, 2006

East Lansing musings...

It begins - many connections in this light of beginnings and I am transfixed, bewitched and beguiled by all that is represented - a presentation of free thought - I knew all of the slaves on a first name basis - I was a slave - my roots like ivy clinging to this or that building - temples floating in the air - the first thing I noticed was your symmetry - how like a ballerina you were so good on your feet - an outlaw who keeps their pistols under wraps like a threatening Christmas present - a brand new red or blue bicycle no life in its dispirited tires - I'll never forget the black squirrels running around your campus like minstrels always searching for nothing so formal or orchestrated as a Gershwin tune - Chopin playing the black squirrels could feel it in their bones - it ends on all fours like an animal - many connections disconnected and connected over and over in this black tie ether - remember that bookstore in Ann Arbor how I left my heart in a Shakespeare Folio or was it instead rediscovered..

Charles Cicirella
September 4, 2006


There is nothing wrong
What is right remains
What is wrong stains

There's blood everywhere
Covering the mirrors
Our reflections bloodshot

I'm not taking responsibility
My emotions look the other way
Accept the wreckage as your own

I am cold head to toe
The pain I feel secondhand
I am resigned to this dead body

Poetry an investigation
Something I must learn to nurture
Where are the facts?

There is something that remains alive
Behind the mouth and eyes of every passerby
I witness it chained to an unsolved mystery

We slammed against a wall
To assign blame is never the point
To persist in life both a privilege and our right.

September 7, 2006

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