Thursday, October 12, 2006

GHOSTS 2006 (for Jim Volk and Albert Ayler)

Ghosts 2006

I am talking – do you can you hear me talking – I hear your fingers grasping plucking moaning against the strings – your index finger and thumb resting no more – there is a sacrifice - there is a new set of rules – everything disintegrates – rots – finds a new message – new purpose – the monkey swings from branch to branch – the monkey another mechanic – another sacred being tuning up the cosmos with its special brand of medicine – I am writing – do you see me writing – I see your wiggly digits wiggling to and fro – respect life do not hold hands with the undertaker’s daughter – don’t get in the pool until your food is completely digested – respect death do not spurn the advances of another rotting human – this music a prayer for both the living and the dead – this music comforts us – this music praises us – this music pours us a drink and tells us unspecific truths – I’ve lost my compass – my ground zero compromised – I’m aching from being punched in the stomach a thousand or more times…

Charles Cicirella

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