Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

If there is a chance I will take it
A chance to live without guilt
A reason to reason no longer
If there is a way I will discover it

This is what I’ve always done
I wait and I wait and I wait
Until the lights burn my retinas
And I know a Savior is close at hand

No more Bible reading
I must live these words before it’s too late
I’m a serial poet hell bent on killing false memories
I’m a lone voice looking for a free buffet

I must get in the ambulance and drive toward the setting sun
I must put my pistol down on the imaginary table and pray
For solitude
When I paint with watercolors everything reveals itself
When I paint with oils everything goes down the tube

No more reading from the want ads
I know what I want and it will not be found on the printed page
When I enter a hotel room first thing I do is look for a Bible
When I enter my Father’s House first thing I do is repent

Charlie October 30, 2006

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