Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blue Heaven

There is a feeling – a feeling of remorse and resurrection – of redemption and merciful disintegration – you ask how mercy can exist when something is falling apart – you ask where is God when the shit really hits the fan and I answer God is not only in the details but is the details and we must all, including God Almighty, repent – the Son of Man every man, woman & child’s best friend and I can not wait till this storm passes and everything is put right or at the very least propped back up on the bricks it rests upon –

There is a lasting impression that lasts only so long before turning inside itself and returning beneath the red dirt – there is an important lesson in learning to self-protect rather than self-project all of your weaknesses and fears on this or that phantom or shadow – art, sex and God you pick the order doesn’t matter what does matter is this rite of passage to accept the humanity existing deep within and alleviating the stress and pressure by accepting who you really are and exactly why it is you’ve come this far –

Sunrises and sunsets hang around her neck like daisy chains of birth and death – a star child whose only purpose is to shine brighter than the sun and to never give up even when her race has been run – the obstacles and impassioned hysterics – the realization that you really are a Fairy Queen and that everything around you that has turned to shit must be taken in stride for you’ve been cast in a rebellious nature that can too easily become a prison or hospital and you know this to be true just like you know it’s not too late to excavate the canvasses covered in chosen paint from your mind’s eye and exhibiting them for all to receive – remember what Jesus said those who love & follow Him will never be accepted or understood or even protected from the approaching storm and still we must step lightly upon this new moon – this new landscape disguised as hell and in truth is Paradise –

the paintings which have been transformed from your crutch to a ladder to a crucifix call out for not another crucifixion but instead want for you to finally be healed – to heal yourself in the Oneness and the Glory of self love and self preservation – we have been called here in vast numbers to perform miracles – called upon to do His and Her work in the likeness of God – in the likeness of ourselves bent over in servitude and celebratory anguish – I see and accept the revelations in your ancient eyes now you must do the same – you must again get in touch with what has always driven you over the ocean floor and across the expansive desert –

a feeling like no other – the knowledge that Sainthood has never been the point and that we are not reckless no matter what the lions and slaves may think – we are romantics in the truest most literal sense of the word and yet titles nor labels nor our given names can sustain us any longer
Charles Cicirella March 18, 2007 (for Joni)

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