Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Secret Language (For Christina M. Brooks)

Want to write a poem for you.
I believe this is that poem.
Watched you at Snoetry.   
Still think about what you
Taught us and how you did it
Free of academia.

Think about you sitting against
The wall in Canton. How friendly
You were and how it made me
Feel like returning to the poetry
Scene was a good decision and
One I would not regret.

I very much want you to know
That you are not alone and that
I for one recognize and appreciate
Your generous and kind spirit.
I am also a very sensitive person
And no matter what anyone says
Having an open heart is a positive
And not a negative characteristic.

We bask in the sunlight of another
Dappled and delicious morning.
In our minds we are smelling the
Flowers and thanking some deity
For feeling so alive. You are a
Poet and there is no disputing that.
Poetry is a state of mind as much
As it is a state of true unbridled being.

Charles Cicirella

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