Thursday, December 03, 2015

Blowing Up Your Mind

Words get stuck in my head like gum to the bottom of my shoe.
If I don’t write them down I’ll never shake them and they’ll continue to shake me.
The storm outside was fast approaching and I knew I would never outrun it so I did my best to hide away inside of my recurrent dreams and nightscapes.

I wish we were better friends, but how would that even work when we both have a fear of intimacy and don’t trust love to last.
For years I wondered why I wasn’t able to locate my soulmate then I began to understand until I like who I am, how is anyone else ever going to enjoy my company?
We start from scratch as we build relationships from stardust and sleep studies. Social networking is for the birds if all you ever want is to be left alone.

The writing on the wall proves nothing except that someone believed those cave drawings someday may actually prove beneficial or clandestine to another civilization that’s doing their damndest to stand on their own two feet.
I need to write what I’m feeling before everything is either lost in absentia or is eaten away by the plaque on my brain.
There’s a reckoning coming and I reckon we best all find shelter before the glaciers completely melt and intolerance rings our bell for the final time.

Charles Cicirella

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