Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fourth Poem (It’s Imperative That I Cum)

Came yesterday
Came the day before that
Still it’s imperative I cum today

We stress over the little shit
Allowing the details to interfere with our synergy and sacred flow
Transfiguration may have something to do with it, just ask Bob if you can catch him off the road

And this poem will not get me out of hot water
In fact these words will hardly cover my hotel bill and the cost of doing business with a prostitute when you desire to ride bare back and cum in her ass
I said I was a parser of words not a surgical technician or IT fuck that can hack into the DNC and influence the results of an election

I came yesterday and it was no big deal
Felt some residual guilt before washing my hands and becoming a new man
Still it’s imperative I cum today because even if my only connection is with porn it’s still a connection I must work on when the chips are down and all the poker faces lie dormant like sheep in need of a good night’s rest.

Charles Cicirella

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