Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fourteenth Poem (Alone Girl)


the music in her head’s sad like Napoleon at Waterloo
defeat happens to everyone it’s a fact of life like snake eyes
sometimes I dream of you running toward me, other times running away

the dawn is too damn fast when wearing tennis shoes and pretending to know how
you laid there like a queen that knows when to greet a new day and when to go to sleep
my poetry isn’t masculine and I can prove it by showing you an inside straight

when you said I had to stay outside of your fort it broke my heart
I want to see you naked and I want to together take the road less traveled by
my eyes grow tired from impending doom and intruding storms

want to hang out at the dog park with you even though neither one of us has a dog
I cannot wait till you allow me to touch your clit and buy you an ice-cream sundae
if we’re going to get to the truth then we must stop using God’s name in vain

the music in her heart cuts us loose because no one is good enough to make the final cut
victory hangs over our tried and tested heads like the sword of Damocles
nightmares dog us until we lubricate our sanities with the tears of a black Madonna

Charles Cicirella

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