Monday, June 19, 2017

Dizzying Beatific Circles (For Lambryah)

I wanna hold your hand
Like in the Beatles song
Lots of fizz, no pop

We stand together
Or we stand divided
Either way the sands of time will grind us into dust

Poetry is my savior
Like a jail sentence gone awry
Jewish is the new orange if you’re into that sort of thing

And there’s nothing wrong with religion
If you’re incapable of thinking for yourself
Believing in oneself is never overrated nor overestimated

I wanna hold your gland
Just kidding or am I?
Sometimes the sillies get the best of my serious deportment

We built a fort from episodes of Bob’s Burgers, apple juice and pretzel rods
Blew each other’s minds by being good to one another and never letting up on the throttle
Our intensities joined forces and whittled away the boredom and recklessness of a lifetime wasted on staying wasted and forestalling the inevitable

Charles Cicirella

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