Monday, November 12, 2018

Inside You (For Kat)

Objectification for the dirty birds
Flying vermin with only one thing on their tiny, pornographic minds
Feeding the pigeons only welcomes more loneliness and Brady Bunch hysteria

Lasting impressions last only as long as the bubblegum sticks
I’ve been timid since first school pictures when my mother told me not to smile
Nothing feels quite right after a parent gives you the stink eye

Clamoring for some goodness that has no aftertaste and revitalizes my broken mirror psyche
Poetry a last ditch effort to go the distance before the distance destroys my uninhabitable dreams
Wish we were in junior high together and you said yes to going to the junior prom with me

I am dog paddling past the obituaries mocking me like Catskills’ comedians hell-bent on one last hysterical romp
You swam passed me when the tide was reneging its promises because the moon had closed down for unnecessary repairs
The way you looked in your swimsuit made me wish I’d continued going to the gym

Beside you where all the cool kids hang out during lunch because the cafeteria is resplendent with replicates of suburbia and urban decay
High school such an uncomfortable period in my grammatical adolescence of exclamation marks and semi colons
Rarely felt at ease in my own skin when the bugle started blowing and the four winds demanded I capitulate and give up my milk money and unregulated self esteem

We stand together on an island of Lilliputians because Swift knew just how to get to the heart of the matter when the tiny eggs are rotten and satire is the very last character trait you have to barter with
Desire to spy your ink when we’re standing in line at the Pearly Gates and Peter is on an unholy smoke break
You make me a better person by doing nothing more than being yourself in these clamorous times of dog whistles blown and horses downtrodden

Charles Cicirella

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