Wednesday, December 26, 2018

It's About Time

Stop the madness
Inroads frozen
Christ bud

Guns snuggler
Brisk walker
Aero dynamic kama sutra

It’s about time
Wasted or not
We take the hill

They called him Buddha in high school
They call him Buddha now
I am always late to the party

Promises scraping against the windowpane
I was a king pin and then I was a gutter ball
Take another hit and forget the friend you lost yesterday

Attention spans like a gypsy’s curse not even worth their fate in fool’s gold
Stop the madness of getting inside the clown car, pretending you have a sense of humor
None of this is funny including the part when you pulled down my pants and sprayed me with a fifty foot fire hose

Start your comeback tour
Before you know it everyone will have forgotten the company you once kept with no regard of stagecoaches exploding
Your daydreams are yours alone, but please don’t ask me to partake in the nightmares of your lies

Charles Cicirella

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