Saturday, May 18, 2019

Leslie Betty

Smoked Marlboros
So did I for about five minutes
Her breasts small just like I prefer them

She was a bad ass
My fixation on the Lizard King drew her to me
Had a Radio Shack cassette player I’d play The Doors on before school

When my car cracked up of course she found another chauffeur
His name was Andy and he was cool and fucked her like I knew she desired
This poetry may break your heart, but keep in mind the notes we passed to one another during study hall in Dante’s Inferno

Trying to find my way through the wallflowers and Gideon Bible weeds
During the OJ trial got lost in Ocala National Forest and am so thankful it spit me back out
Time passed slowly in her mom’s kitchen because it was only a few blocks from the dysfunctional debris I had recently crawled out from

Dating Leslie Betty was like sipping a cool refreshing beverage in the middle of a vast desert of Holly Golightly saints and John Grisham evil lawyers
Leslie afforded me the strength to step back and wallow in the self-pity of another burst super nova
I wish we would have made love in the cramped quarters of her room where even she could no longer hide from her teenage queen drama

Charles Cicirella

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