Friday, September 25, 2020

No Knock Warrant (For Breonna Taylor)

Don’t believe the news
They never report the truth
Black people aren’t even safe in their own residences

We’re supposed to feel sad when a cop dies at the hands of a black perpetrator and yet when a black person is shot down like a dog nothing is done to the cops while the victim’s reputation is smeared because cops take care of their own and racists never truly take off their white hoods
Whatever happened to common sense like for instance no knock warrants
never should have existed and why is it cops always shoot to kill instead of shooting to wound?
Sandra Bland was supposedly "combative and uncooperative" during a traffic stop only to be found three days later dead in her cell. The Texas state trooper who pulled her over was only charged with perjury for conduct related to a contentious traffic stop of a black woman even though we can clearly hear him yelling on dashcam video "I will light you up!"

All lives matter and the racists who are hiding behind a badge and executing black people need to be charged with murder because enough is enough and all this senseless violence needs to be put to bed with a swift kick in its GI Joe extremities
Breonna Taylor was one of their own and still she got no justice while the officer who shot into the neighbor’s next door apartment was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment
It’s getting to the point where it seems the powers that be are bating black people to react because they know the cops will never be touched and that has to change because without consequences this powder keg only becomes more incendiary and the scales of justice only get more out of whack.

Charles Cicirella

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