Saturday, August 14, 2021

Piracy and Pessimism

Piracy and pessimism has been the American way since wiping out an indigenous people because they had the nerve to protect their land.
Christopher Columbus was a slave trader just like our founding fathers were slave owners and I wonder why so many people choose to treat people like property as if it’s their sovereign right to tread on someone else’s freedom.
The universal mind has been outlawed as crucifixion and rape become the lost integer to the equation of our inhuman depravity to one another.

I’m stymied by what’s going on and how civil liberties have become such a hot button issue.
Of course the last President didn’t help matters much as ignorance became the soup to nuts method we now employ toward everything, including our very own children’s safety.
Rose tinted glasses defeat the purpose if your only purpose is to go through the world blind, pretending that everyone has it out for you.

I was alone on a desert island with just my thoughts and unmitigated paranoia. It felt good to unplug from the rat race until realizing the true rat race was in my claustrophobic mind.
I had to decide between taking Lord of the Flies or The Communist Manifesto and finally decided neither one truly spoke to the broken mechanism that is my lost horizon.
We stand up for this or that outmoded slogan forgetting that words written on placards and screamed at the top of our lungs do nothing more than shield ourselves from owning up to our own incalculable sins.

America as a concept has been flawed from the jump because White Shadow wasn’t just a show it was a harbinger of sentiments sensationalized by another head up their ass TV executive.
I’m an orphan not because I choose to be an orphan, but because lying eyes fell asleep on the job as we survive on Magic Evie’s unemployment and the promise that nothing is real once you lose sight of both the risk and the reward.
I wish there was such a thing as universal truth, but it’s become painstakingly clear that we cannot afford such luxuries when we continue turning our backs on each other like its business as usual.

Charles Cicirella

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