Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuchus (I Love You)


Totems strewn everywhere
They proclaim to be the best poet, but their work doesn’t breathe, scream or cum
Bukowski would cum all over you and not even apologize as he crawled across cut glass to get away from his oppressed audience

A nun once told me you don’t have to swear to be clever and she was right, but I still swear because words are words and fuck and shit sometimes fit the bill
JesusfuckingChrist is my favorite curse word, all run together because who has the time for pauses when everything is burning to the fucking ground
I think of Kat naked probably too often, but what would be the point of pleading the fifth after all these self-incriminating years

She stands there alert and inquisitive like a meerkat on guard and ready to do what’s necessary to survive
Sometimes I wish I was Joan Jett, but I know that wouldn’t be practical at least not an older Joan Jett who has already had all her stuffing knocked out of her by a detached crowd of sheep fuckers
This is where we end, standing against the wall, preparing for our execution by requesting a blindfold and a cigarette.

Charles Cicirella

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