Friday, December 24, 2021

Lens (For Graham) 

The camera lens your father looked though is the same lens you look through.
Of course it’s a different lens that over time takes on new meanings and messages and still the camera is a totem, a relic of future lives and grandiose designs.
We foster breakthroughs in ourselves and others when we hold on as tight as we can while letting go of everything.

Your father went to prison because he wouldn’t give up a name because your father must have known what would happen as your father made an impossible, but edifying choice.
In the eye of the beholder lies a gift of water and stone, everything washes away or is driven to the sea.
When I’m open there is little I can do to keep the words from bursting forth like a dead man running through the moonlight.

We met on a lark, a chance meeting that reverberates as everything does; the planets and the dwarf planets too.
I texted her that I was sorry for hurting her and she replied thank you, why those words were so difficult to say to her I’ll never know.
The lens filters everything while shielding nothing from the sun. We must speak our minds before our minds quit on us and all that’s left is stardust.

Charles Cicirella

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