Sunday, June 05, 2022

Bursting Through Consciousness #3

The stained glass our unconscious mind
A revelatory conclusion to the heresy of a concussed life
Even Moses stammered and stuttered in the eye of a Pharaoh’s disapproval

We mustn’t allow ourselves to believe we’re landlocked
The universal mind far more equipped for a prison break than you can possibly imagine
None of us are limited if we set our minds out of bounds and break on through the tyranny of manmade labor and fear

I am not dreaming as I write this, but if I were I’d be Harold and the purple crayon would drive me like my brothers Suzuki GS1100 around the cautionary bend
We’re all hard boiled eggs whose yoke teeters on losing its sense of humor as we ride off into the sunset like Zane Grey cowpunchers
My spirit animal is Red Skeleton as another dad joke falls flat and I climb the monkey bars in my recessed and conclave mind

I wish to visit Terry in Hospice because I believe I can offer some solace and perhaps a dash of serenity to the place where he now floats
The Glass Bead Game is indeed real and to gain entrance you best renounce your citizenship and bask in the profound absurdity of our ancient minds
The terror of isolation overrated once we stand firm on accepting we are loved as the creative mind forms a chrysalis around our butterfly godheads and we are free to fly through the blue untethered skies.

Charles Cicirella

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