Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Place of Apprehension

(For Andrea)

She speaks of the uncertainty of her words
But when reading her writing I sense nothing but a quality of determination.
She admits that sometimes she wrestles with insecurities
But I sense nothing but a warrior princess who understands the intricacies of peace.

A place of apprehension can too easily stop you in your tracks
And a place of apprehension can leave you wide open to unnecessary attacks.
Lowering your guard is not always the smart move especially when you are not entirely sure who to trust.
I was on a rocket ship heading toward the moon before I finally came to grips with the caterpillar astronaut inside and why gazing at the stars is not always the healthiest of pastimes.

When she speaks I listen because her truth is impossible to disavow in these days of red herrings and smoking cellphones.
If she told me to go underground I would buy a shovel and start digging because that’s how much I trust her instincts and know she’d never lead me astray.
There is a higher truth that is very much feminine not masculine and don’t let anyone tell you different.
A place of apprehension can be overcome if you only muster up the courage to swim against the rising tide and always pay attention to your innermost spark.

Charles Cicirella 11/26/12

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