Saturday, August 08, 2015

Scratching the Surface of the Sun with My Ape Fingers

Got to get back to that feeling.
There’s invincibility in these old bones.
I must learn to channel my inner orangutan.

Drinking instant coffee, downloading Bob Dylan audience recordings I may or may not ever get around to listening to as I try and remember a few choice lines from when I was sleeping.
My great ape brain is beginning to have holes in it like Swiss cheese that is $8.99 a pound, but is on sale this week for $7.99. That’s a savings of a whole dollar.
I will not forget you, but I wish you would stop contacting me. I cannot explain it, but something broke and there’s no fixing it no matter if you’re MacGyver or Bob Vila.

Got to return to that feeling of inspiration dripping from all of my orifices.
I need a box of tissues and a couple of beach towels just in case things get ugly and all of my bodily functions give out at once.
I must learn to surf the channels with more self-confidence. Spend more time with the actual journey itself and less time upsetting myself over where I might end up in the greater or lesser scheme of things.

Charles Cicirella

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