Sunday, August 02, 2015


I’ve always found it interesting how toast can make you feel better.
I’m not at all surprised how Trump makes us feel bad because I believe he was built to bring the very worst out in all of us.
Someone needs to tell him his combover is not fooling anyone and if he really has as much money as he claims to then what’s wrong with being bald or heck even if he was broke I still think he should get rid of whatever that thing is on his head.

I like toast. I don’t like Trump. It’s as simple as that.
I would vote for toast over Trump any day of the week and thrice on Sundays.
I also think toast (even dry toast) is more interesting than Trump and I don’t care if he bullies me and makes fun of me because I am short or because I don’t have a job or because I live with my mother.
He’s a mean, arrogant, self-imploding crater of a man that is not proving anything of any real worth to anyone with even half a brain except that even with extreme wealth that doesn’t make you any less of an asshole and in his case, I think, it has made him an even bigger one.

Toast trumps Donald that’s all I’m saying.
And once you sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on a piece of buttered toast not only doesn’t Trump have a chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination he also doesn’t have a chance of me breaking bread with him any time soon.
And if you put a piece of Swiss cheese on a piece of buttered rye toast that is also a slice of Heaven, as opposed to Trump who even with the cheese would just come off even more overblown and full of shit.

Charles Cicirella

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