Saturday, October 03, 2015

6:25 PM

Listen with an open heart.
Don’t focus on what you think your ears are hearing because that is often misconstrued.
If your heart is smart it will differentiate from that which is important and that which is just more gossip and angry words.

I was so tired I was ready to sleep right on this killing floor.
Sometimes I feel like I was a planned abortion and if you get where I’m coming from perhaps we can do it to each other in a foreign tongue behind the dumpster of the nearest A&P.
Look I don’t mean to offend you or intend to make you uncomfortable with the words I throw against the wall like a mural or meerkat Last Supper. I’m surprised Word does not recognize the word meerkat. What that says about mongooses in general I don’t really know.

Speak with an open hand.
Don’t clench your fists and think that will get you to a better place.
Dictators are for the birds and I still do not trust the Castro brothers no matter how many Holiday Inns or Ramada Inns go up 110 miles from Florida’s shores.

I have a hankering for a tin of Willie’s Reserve. Some idiot on FB who clearly didn’t understand the thought process behind this product asked if there’d be a prize at the bottom like Crackerjacks. All I could think was the THC fog you’ll soon find yourself enveloped in will be prize enough you simpering fool.
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child while other times I know there must be more than meets the eye to this whole to do over the Madonna and Child and how rested and chiseled they appear in their Roman digs at the cultural epicenter of the world.
Look I don’t mean to distend or render your beliefs hopeless or hapless in any way, shape or form. It’s just that this toxic environment is doing us more harm than good as another pro-lifer runs for President and another pro-choice advocate runs for cover. That’s what’s leaving me feeling more and more like what’s the point and why are we allowing so much intolerance to go unchecked and underestimated in the political arena.

Charles Cicirella

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