Sunday, October 04, 2015

“You got love to burn.” (For Willie, Neil, Leah, Russ, Michael, Mike, Lamont and Elaine)

Light it.
Burn it.
Love it.

Legalize it.
It’s not hurting anyone.
In fact getting baked and tuning out is sometimes the only recourse we have in this world of stone faces and trigger happy idiot savants.

Don’t forget that to love you must first lose.
According to one Iron Range troubadour “Everybody must get stoned.”
And I wouldn’t mess with him just remember what he did to Weberman.

It’s time to burn this shithouse down to its very foundation.
Thomas Paine was right civil disobedience is a gas, gas, gas.
Oh wait a minute that might have been The Rolling Stones.

Light it.
Learn to live with it.
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater never made much sense especially when it’s not your baby with the dirty mind and heavy heart.

I must confess
Some of my best friends were or still are addicts and junkies.
We’re all addicted to something. Some of us are just more willing to admit it and deal with the fallout.

And another summer of love not hate.

Charles Cicirella

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