Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pseudo Prophecies

I didn’t die.
It’s no surprise.
My ability to see into the future has been out of whack for quite some time.

I want to hold your hand.
I want to face the now with less actualized fear.
I’d do both at the same time if something like that were even possible in this day and age.

We scat, sputter, and run out of gas.
Look on the bright side with the glass half empty you’re drinking that much less raw sewage.
Look closely at the silver lining and how even its soft brown puppybody is showing age.

I didn’t lie.
The little white lie I told was necessary to keep everything somewhat in check and out of the hands of the credit collecting gestapo.
My talent of going out on a limb has been worn down to its nub. And it’s time we either shit or got off the pot. I used to shoot prophecies out of my ass like thunder bolts every other day now I’m lucky if I can even spit out a few interesting anecdotes before I lose interest and fall into a coma.

Charles Cicirella

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