Friday, July 15, 2016

Beth McNally

Never met anyone sexier
“I really love your peaches, Want to shake your tree”
And I don’t care how that sounds because it’s true
And I’ve been smitten with you from the very first time we crossed paths at Miggs

I’ll never forget the wounded seal and how you came to its rescue
I’ll also never forget how you looked in that bathing suit and how even the beach failed to compare with you
You make the necessary not so necessary and the unnecessary worth its weight in fool’s gold
And I’m a fool. Yes I’m a fool because you’ll always be out of my league no matter how many jokes I tell or how many inches I may grow

I wish we could together sleep the sleep of the damned
Not because we’ve done anything wrong, but because hiding out with you in hell sounds a whole heck of a lot more fun than staying here in Heaven with all these sinless stiffs
Your energy is so openhearted and your smile never fails to light up a room and keep it forever lit
How anyone could ever hurt you I will never understand because it’s been quite clear from the very beginning how truly special you are and how you deserve only the best

Never met anyone funnier
Really love your sense of humor and the laugh that goes along with it
And I would start a fan club in your name if I thought it would do any good
I love creating art for you because you appreciate it like nobody else ever could because you completely get it and aren’t afraid to display your blazing heart and evocative soul

Charles Cicirella

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