Saturday, July 16, 2016

Christopher John Campanile

Sun Warrior
Atmosphere junkie
Joyful soldier of the Lord

Watching him get to know his neighbors made me feel so good
I wish we would have planted his blueberry bushes that morning
Starbucks was a bust, but spending time with him is always pitch perfect

His son Phoenix seemed sullen at first, but at breakfast the next morning he opened up and seemed to really enjoy the stories I told about his father on the road
Breaking bread was great fun and the bacon I helped make hit just the right note as I decided to forgo the ketchup and go commando
I should have bought that kid’s keyboard because in my estimation Chris needs to get back to the business of making music and planting seeds of global synergy

Turn the gas on
Make sure the fireflies light up all your most precious dreams and forgotten memories
Christopher John Campanile is a healer in the truest sense of the word as he takes on the world and helps to enlighten each and every one of us in the glorified process of healing

Charles Eric Cicirella

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thanks Charles