Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Michelle Chang #3

My writing didn’t go over
She thinks I’m a creep
And I guess I can understand that,
But nothing could be further from the truth
And here’s why

I write not to objectify or even love or worship women
I write because I have to get the emotions out that I am feeling
And there is a bird and it’s sitting on a fence and I’m not singing
For anyone in fact that bird is tone deaf and desires to be left alone

She took everything I espoused literally and said in her best Dylan
Imitation “It ain’t me Babe” not quite understanding I never wanted
It to be her and she was more of an idea than a literal woman that I
Wanted to eat cuttlefish with and pretend we were both more
Enlightened and open minded than either of us really are

Of course the truth of the matter is I often come up short when spilling
My inspired words on the killing floor of this or that elaborate ruse
I’ll never forget when I was just a kid and called up Bobby Bifano to
Declare my love for her or standing on that baseball diamond
On the corner of Ridgebury and Richmond as Maryellen and me
Sorta kissed and I couldn’t quite get it right as my tongue knocked
Against her front teeth

Intimacy and I have never seen eye to eye ever since I threw it out of bed for wearing rose tinted glasses while we were having sex
Being in a relationship has never been a state I’m comfortable in
As even my poetry braves the storm because standing in the middle of a funnel cloud appears to be a safer bet than making my acquaintance

My writing left a bad aftertaste in her mouth as I am reminded of the time I wrote poetry for that cashier at an Office Depot and how the Lyndhurst Police Department called me because she was very concerned over the lines about her burning red pubic hair. When I asked the cop what he thought of my poetry he said he thought it was pretty good as I reminded myself that though I mean no one any harm that isn’t always how it may appear especially in this Trumpian landscape where alpha males think their shit doesn’t stink and their money allows for them to grab a woman’s private parts as yet another silver spoon is tarnished and one more trust fund baby registers as a sex offender

Charles Cicirella

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