Tuesday, August 01, 2017

“He told the High Sheriff”


Thirty pieces of silver
If you believe the stories
If you believe one red headed disciple can bring down the world

Mary was also a disciple
Quite possibly the one closest to the fold
Of course she gets less press because of the blood running out from between her angelic thighs

Get ready to bury one more civilization under newspaper clippings and the eyes of the dead
The Nazi’s made lampshades out of Jews’ skin because they had nothing better to do with their spoiled time and loved the unclouded light pouring from a victim’s undeniable suffering
They called them Concentration Camps which was a bold faced lie. Leave it to the Germans to fill up mass graves with irony alongside the bodies

I’m not writing this to shock anyone and doubt anyone is even bothering to read it
The cave drawings must be sketched upon the walls even if no one is paying attention and Ben Carson decimates the projects because poverty is a choice according to his out to lunch brain
I’m no prophet and refuse to cover myself in excrement and stand in the center of town yammering on about this or that coming apocalypse

We had it coming just like every empire before it that believes it was too good to fail and too good to take care of its less fortunate
Don’t get me started on the hypocrisy of Christian Family Values and how every serpent believes fervently that they are God’s favorite
We all have a little or a lot of the Devil inside of us and until we start to accept this truth as self-evident we’ll continue to fail like the braying donkeys we’ve always been

Charles Cicirella

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