Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Theft of Identity #2

She protects herself by staying shut down
Her default setting is to simply not care about anyone’s feelings including her own
If you have the nerve to call her out for the rudeness she portrays like a sculpted mound of shit she’ll just do that Eeyore goofy grin or if you’re really lucky she’ll laugh like a poisoned cartoon character

It’s true she distracted me from my routine and at this moment I’m no better for it
It’s also true I dragged her kicking and screaming from her cocoon and made the caterpillar finally face the facts of how beautiful a butterfly she truly is
There are no lasting truths except for the absolute beliefs we must nurture inside our calcium bones from before we were born and long after we drift into the ether

She’s doing her best to push me away because I somehow reached her Tootsie Pop center and discovered just how many licks it takes to reach the Promised Land
My default setting has always been irascibility and that sets her off like nothing else
I make her come up out of herself like no one else she’s ever considered dating because she’s not used to feeling anything but paralysis and doom

The theft of identity can and will fuck you up. It can also bring things more sharply into focus and help you to overcome the obstacles of apathy and the resistance to self-love
I know she believes I’m full of crap even though if I catch her at the right moment she’ll admit that she thinks about me still
When I watched her undress and escape inside a widow’s vacant kiss it helped bring me back to life and I desire to do the same for her if she would just stop taking the easy way out and realize there’s another path, full of fragrant flowers and user friendly trees

Charles Cicirella

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