Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Choking One Out


Feel like making a connection
A real connection, nothing diet or circumspect about it
As connections go I’m long overdue for a doozy

Stop the presses
All this yellow journalism has to go
Propping up an orange menace with an endless barrage of nude coverage does no one no good and dumbs us down more than you’ll ever realize in your blissed out ignorance

Splatter my brains all over the place
Like JFK’s except mine will be less noteworthy because I’ll never be President and I’ve never been much of a ladies man
Stand there standing the test of time while I turn blue from holding my stale breath

Feel like making a connection
A genuine connection, nothing duplicitous or guarded about it
As patience goes mine has been wearing thin like an old mobster that’s afraid to get plugs and instead combs it over like every other schmuck on this disconnected planet

Charles Cicirella

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