Friday, October 06, 2017

Glass Pipe (For Rick and Colleen McDonald)

Always liked her father
Because he never not once looked down on me
Even though he towered over me like The Friendly Giant or a skyscraper

Always secretly liked her
Because she takes shit from no one
And according to her father she’s a genius when it comes to music

They watched Django Unchained while I went upstairs and did my own thing because I’ve never been a fan of Quentin Tarantino except for Reservoir Dogs and Natural Born Killers
They seemed to enjoy it and we still got stoned as I ignored the overt racism and Quentin’s annoying way of belaboring the obvious while pretending he’s out of the ordinary

Never forget when Colleen jumped off that cliff. It appeared she was jumping into nothingness, but she said she’d done it before so I trusted I would see her again
I didn’t go into the deep end even though her cajoling was tempting and maybe drowning wouldn’t have been half bad
We sat on their front steps as he told me in his ‘take no prisoners’ method that he had played the game and lost

My heart will be forever broken

Charles Cicirella

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