Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Just The Tip

Burned the tip of my finger
Lighting the glass pipe
I guess it’s the price of being a stoner

Always wanted to believe irresponsibility was a virtue
Here’s my rub if fucking little boys in the butt
Isn’t a cardinal sin then pray tell what is?

Drank the two cans of Coke in the frig
Now I want more because it only takes one can
To become addicted to the Black Death that is Coca-Cola

And I wanted to drink lemonade with you beneath a shade tree,
But there’s only the lemons of my life and shade is non existent
In this Donnie Darko darkness

Maybe a sugar free grape Popsicle will do the trick
If I can get passed the flavor of artificial sweetener
I’m not a rat in a maze even though Pavlov is my God

I know the grass is running out
I’d be a liar if I said that wasn’t bringing me down
The genius of being a genius is catch and release

Charles Cicirella

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