Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Secret Alphabets

Writing again
I think
The kind of writing that will never get the attention of John Burroughs
Sometimes I wonder why that is. Most of the time I just accept the reality lying before us, perverse and swollen, bubbling with machismo and rapid fire flatulence
Christina M. Brooks is considering quitting poetry which really pisses me off because she has a real gift. Plus not sure how you give up something you’re born to do

Smoking pot
Listening to The Doors
Thinking about the young woman who sold me my bong. Her ass looked amazing inside those tight blue jeans. Made me rethink killing myself for the time being
Wanna get high?
Wanna break on through?
Then stop believing the endless barrage of bullshit being spilt like milk or a child’s blood

Charles Cicirella

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