Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I like the Groaners


“Sometimes I miss Charlie's bang up the face genius b/c I'm not expecting too much.” -Marc Steven Mannheimer

The very best clichés will become transmogrified beneath a stranglehold of molten lava
Despair the high school bully I never much liked, trusted or was attracted to
I understand you’re full of guile. I also understand Latin is no longer a dead language

Placing words on the page serves as both a palate cleanser and an aphrodisiac
I was shocked to discover there are those who are generally surprised by my genius
Believed we were on the same page before realizing our playbooks had next to nothing in common

We stared into each other’s eyes like it was Cajun Mardi Gras and hungered for something more substantial than crow and light beer
Air conditioner is on eco and not sure what good it’s doing. The dog days of summer have me kneeling in front of the fan taking pug communion.
No one has desired me in decades and it takes its toll in shadowy concessions like Chicago’s Skyway

Charles Cicirella

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