Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some Other Realm

I’m not a storyteller, but if push comes to shove
I will spin you a tale that will curl your toes
She spit out the poison and returned to her invisible self
No one could tell the difference when she spun off this mortal coil

Lackadaisical to the nth degree
I believe it to be my best and most irresistible quality
When the buffalo chips are down you best learn to eat shit real good
The heat baked me into a charcoal briquette. I looked like a California Raisin without the milk or cereal bowl to sink into

Sometimes I wish life would intervene and end this tyranny of hopelessness
Of course without hopelessness hope would be just another misnomer like fear and nausea
Rilke is the weatherman of my soul and if that makes no sense to you well I cannot be expected to shape your mush into something resembling a mind
The leaves on the trees wanted me to tell you they miss you and wish you’d reconsider your decision to stay indoors under lock and key

Some other realm where the pigeons don’t aim for your head or shoulders when you’re waiting for a bus or soul mate
Another realm where the lesbians will sleep with a man if the conditions are just right and all the dildos have been put up on the shelf
Okay Marc I agree those last two lines leave a lot to be desired and are as groan worthy as they come
When casting yourself in shadows always keep in mind how close you are to the edge and that plunging is not always a sign of desperation

Charles Cicirella

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