Thursday, October 11, 2018

Connected (For Kat)

I’m dying
I will make a wish and blow out the candles
Before I close my eyes for the final time

Some things make all the sense in this world
While most are incomparable and inoperable
From space we have no reason to complain

Katie breathes life into these old bones
Introduces new colors to my greying outlook
Offers a swirl when vanilla loses its potency

She’s alive
Made the choice to always operate on the up and up
After she closes her eyes I will kiss her lips with my mind

Oftentimes the saddest refrain garners all the attention
Still, we must be willing to change our backstories on a whim
No one is infallible and this is especially true during the end stages

I was connected to a star and it twinkled like a civilization in need of bedrest
You broke all the rules because chaos is the only order you’ve ever understood
We must accept the diagnosis before we can again take a chance on love

Charles Cicirella

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