Saturday, October 20, 2018

“So I called Campanella’s to order my sangwidge. Italian cold cut on white calzone. Mozzarella instead of Provolone. Hot peppers on the side.” (For Nichole)

Fuck customer service in the ass
It’s dead like their reputation
I don’t care if the girl answering the phone was having a bad day or they were busy or a billion other bullshit excuses

It should only be about the customer
Period the end of this story and if you don’t like it tough shit because this is a cut throat world and if you choose to not do your job or do it half assed we’ll find someone else to fill your replaceable shoes
I’m still pissed that Nichole couldn’t simply order the sangwidge the way she wanted without having to jump through hoops and then get hung up on because the girl answering the phone was clueless and couldn’t be bothered to actually do her job

Fuck customer service in the ass
It’s dead like God and anything and anyone else who checks out before their work day is done
It’s bad enough companies have stopped even giving the appearance that they care, but what’s even worse is how people accept this non-existent service like we’re the ones who are wrong for expecting our money’s worth without hassle or complaint

Charles Cicirella

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