Friday, February 14, 2020


Reexamine everything
It’s your last chance at happiness
Don’t dawdle or else you’ll pop like a weasel

Red haired, freckled troll
I was as timeworn as Benjamin Button
As young as a pickled herring, thirty seven years after his Bar mitzvah

Let’s not stutter, stammer or procrastinate
Pull out into the intersection when it’s your turn to enter the fray
I know you’re often at a loss for words, now let go of the undeserved pressure weighing on your clipped wings and fly out of the open window like a yellow or blue parakeet

Reevaluate everything
It’s your last opportunity to avoid permanent sadness
Don’t put off tomorrow what you can put off today

Angry, ill-begotten son
Hanging out in his room, playing with his Fisher Price Adventure People
He made up stories and invested time in these imaginary people’s lives

Let’s stop acting out the same tragic comedy
It’s time we look our makers in the eye and claim victory before we’re pummeled again into the unforgiving ground with our own hungry fists

Charles Cicirella

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