Thursday, February 13, 2020


We’re not close
I wish that wasn’t the case
He can only be close to one person at a time

My mother warned me
I still had to find out for myself
No big surprise she was right and I let her down big time

Never forget the night I caught him watching Apocalypse Now and him admitting it was his favorite movie
After my parent’s divorce I was his best friend until he started meeting women and he couldn’t get rid of me fast enough
To this day he won’t speak to me about the past; every time I try he says I need to accept responsibility like he played no part in fucking me up

We need to be able to express our feelings without being shut down because safe space or no safe space, keeping everything pent up is death
Nay-sayers can go to hell because look at the spot we’re now in after political correctness repeatedly screwed us and party unity drives us farther and farther apart
My mother always said my father needed a drill sergeant and that she was tired of being that person

I wish my father and me were closer
The last time he came up from Florida he couldn’t even be bothered to take me to the emergency room
I shouldn’t be surprised though because just getting him to take me on a bike ride through the park when I was a kid was like pulling teeth

Charles Cicirella

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