Sunday, May 31, 2020

We’re all in this together.

I’ve never felt more alone.
Anxiety drips off me like the bird flu.
Wuhan called, said we didn’t respect the virus and to send it back home.

My sweet patootie we’re all in this together.
It was next to impossible to get tested unless you had money or clout and it’ll be the same story when the vaccine graces our hollowed out shores.
Only the lonely have a true shot at redemption, the rest of us co-dependent fucks will have to settle for an imperfect peace.

I’ve never felt more alone as landlords bristle and employers fire at will because the middle class have become a punchline for the next refrigerated truck filled with Covid-19 bodies.
I wanted to lay low, but Spartacus had different plans so I joined the front ranks and before you know it was cut down like a firefighter in their prime or Bea Arthur on The Golden Girls.
Jerry DeCicca, I’m pretty certain will have a good chuckle at that last line.

We’re all in this together like we’re all black when another racist kills another black person in cold blood.
If you’re white you can go to the state capitol with your assault rifle for a protest while if you’re black you can’t even go to the store for Skittles without fear you’ll be executed.
This sick, depraved shit has to stop or at the very least let’s call it what it is because you won’t get away this time hiding behind sheets, holding torches and burning crosses into people’s lawns.

Charles Cicirella

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