Wednesday, May 27, 2020

We're All Essential
You keep hearing this person or that person is essential when in fact we’re all essential and should never settle for anything less.
When an employer calls one of their employees non-essential that’s beyond reprehensible because all they’re doing is covering their own ass as they help cull the herd.
Make no mistake we’re only meat to them and after that Soylent Green if we’re fortunate enough to make the grade.

Believe it or not I’m a glass-half-full person, but the water is from Flint, Michigan.
We’re all essential as the frontlines are now in all of our living spaces and if you live on the streets you’re the most vulnerable of all. Except for maybe those in nursing homes who are being stacked like frail kindling.
It’s a shit show everywhere and no bidet is gonna save you now.

I’ve taken refuge in Mayfield Heights, Ohio and even before the pandemic wasn’t venturing out much. Sometimes on a Saturday we’ll go get subs at Ferrara's down the street.
I learned while living with my mother that I can do my chosen work anywhere as I burrow into the suburbs like that gopher in Caddyshack.
I don’t want the pandemic to turn into some feel good - corporate mind fuck because what’s happened and still very much happening isn’t something we can wish away or cast upon the waters like tumbling dice.

You’re essential, I’m essential, we’re all essential
Say it with me
You’re essential, I’m essential, we’re all essential

Charles Cicirella

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