Saturday, October 03, 2020

My two or three cents.

 I am just going to say it. The people who are now saying and in fact pointing out rather vehemently that even though they do not like Trump they're not wishing him any ill and that we can make up on own minds about how we feel. Now I am not even sure why this needs to be said because okay yes there are those who are saying terrible things about Trump and his contracting Covid, but there are also those of us who don't wish him any ill will, but still have no sympathy for him or any of the others in his inner circle or administration who have also tested positive. I am starting to feel that those who go out of their way to tell us how they don't wish the President any ill will and even though this may not be what they're doing, it's like they're drawing a line in the sand and either you don't wish him any ill will or you're a total unfeeling bastard and could care less what happens to Trump (sound familiar?). For me I cannot have any sympathy for a man who continues to go out of his way to sow hatred, whose flagrant disregard to science has absolutely led to people contracting Covid and yes sadly also dying. And while Trump is in the hospital getting better care than any of us could ever get and with our tax dollars he and his henchmen are still pushing through Barrett so on Nov. 10 millions upon millions (including myself) will lose their healthcare. Ill will? Absolutely not, but he isn't getting one iota of sympathy from me because karma is a bitch and for those on their higher moral plane (like it or not that's exactly how it sounds) your speech now is just as dangerous as when people said when he was inaugurated how much damage can he really do and let's give him a chance. How much damage can he do? Look around you and also one last thing for anyone who says Pence would be far worse you are clearly not paying attention because we've had bad Presidents before, but never have we had someone who has such a blatant disregard for human life. The man is a perfect storm of shit and that shit is raining down upon each and everyone of us no matter what your party affiliation is.

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