Tuesday, October 27, 2020

You Make Me Happy (For Jax)


“Ring around the Rosie”
It’s time to take back the night
I desire to make love to you

My words are a magic carpet ride
The needle hidden in a haystack
Broken hearts our Sopwith Camel

You are defined in sharp brushstrokes
A lasting impression chiseled in ether
Please allow me to kiss your dictionary lips

My apologies stain the bag with grease
Let’s close our eyes and shelter in place
The apocalypse will forever alter our outlooks

Seeing you on video
Your body cast in light and sleight of hand
I’m watching you with my third eye wide open

“Ring around the Rosie”
It’s time to bring the day back into focus
I desire you naked and full of aching promise

Charles Cicirella

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