Monday, November 30, 2015

Just Breathe (For Sinéad)

Woke up and read the news and it hurt me deep down inside.
Then I read that you felt music had destroyed your life and I cannot believe you really feel that way because what else could you be but a musician and a healer of the faith.
I cannot even imagine how broken up inside you are as you cry for help over and over and over again and no one seems to be listening to what you have to say.

We met in Chicago for a few brief seconds.
You were the rock star boss and I was just another fan. I passed you a vinyl rip of “Street Legal” and a CD of my poetry because I believed making a connection with you would be beneficial to us both.
Just breathe Sinéad and try and believe that as forsaken as you feel right now there’s always a light at the end of this dark night of your soul even if you refuse help and won’t allow the sunlight of your music back inside of your wounded eaglet soul.

Charles Cicirella

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