Sunday, November 15, 2015

“Visions of Johanna” (Take 5 (11/30/1965) rehearsal) Video, The Cutting Edge

It’s a deathblow. So much brute force, blood and her eyes without ideals or violence. I was watching the video – the first video of Bob’s I found myself consumed with like Alice in a roomful of mirrors. The video unfolds like a letter to Milena, a love letter to New York City in all its beatific loneliness and lovely grime, and let’s not forget America the depraved, unworthy and malignant. I am a majestic bald eagle emboldened by the genocides you propagate with just a wave of your invisible hand. It’s as if the nightingale code doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you’re willing to drink the Kool-Aid and go out of your ever loving and despised mind for centuries at a time. We were the new wave of huddled masses whose refugee status was long past its expiration date and still no one extended a helping hand or olive branch to rescue us from this morass, this Chinese finger trap we’ve been led to believe would ultimately save us or at the very least pacify us into some other kind of nonsensical existence. It’s a deathblow. A summation on all that is not quite right with this putrid world. So many ragged and dirty men, women and children whose integrity has been placed on the auction block because corporations are people don’t you know and gun rights are more important than a human being’s right to live. So get in line for your toilet paper, vitamin c and latest smartphone app before this shithouse goes up in neurotic and never ending flames of self-discovery and self-recrimination.

Charles Cicirella

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