Wednesday, June 29, 2016


He was the well-rested wave in a restless ocean.
He was the Snap, Crackle and Pop in the cereal no one eats because it’s good for them.
He is the stable force in an increasingly unstable world.

Didn’t matter how much time had passed or how much water was under the bridge.
With Nick undisciplined mix-ups did not exist because he didn’t give people shit and in return no one gave him shit back.
He was the guy the smart girls wanted to date and he was the guy even the dumb folks called their close friend.

I would contact him after years of us having not talked and the second he answered the phone he’d say “hey Charles” with such an unbridled enthusiasm that never sounded like a put-on because Nick McGovern was as genuine as they come.
Then I’d start telling him about a recording session I was planning and how I’d like for him to play bass on it and he’d instantly say “Cool, when and where?”
Recording with him was always an immense and pleasurable experience because the bottom he laid down was as deep as a river and as warm as a s'more’s campfire.

Charles Cicirella

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