Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I like your world. Pull up a planet.

Let’s break the ties that bind
Emancipation is never overrated
Neither is that new car smell
Or your first day of preschool

I wish to view her naked
This is not a metaphor
I yearn to gaze upon her body
Desire to swim between her thighs

Let’s change the radio station
Forget that Billy Graham ever existed
There’s something to be said about Christianity
And how hypocrisy spreads like wild, profane fire

Stick to your slippery guns
Your open carry permit does nothing to keep you safe
In fact just wait till that firearm is wrestled from you
And you’re shot for the stupidity you openly display for everyone to see and mock

I wish to trade punches with her before we’re both too old to fight or fuck
This is not some ham-fisted anecdote
I have whittled away too many hours yelling at those kids to get off my lawn
There’s something to be said about God’s early exit and how he or she refuses to return to the scene of the crime

Let’s stop shielding our eyes from the disinfectant sun
Dancing in the light is key when another monkey appears on your back
I spent yesterday at The Cleveland Museum of Art with a good friend
When I exited the smoke shop after buying a Mexican Coca Cola the snowflakes appeared out of virtually nowhere

Charles Cicirella

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