Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Maybe I don’t want to survive.
Maybe I’d rather perish on a dead planet so my dead friends can bring dead flowers to my empty grave.
And you know it’s no big thing dying. We’ve done it all before except in reverse. Now you’re just climbing back inside of the womb and when it wraps around you like a sausage casing you’ll forget you were ever here in the first place.

Caught Topper on TCM.
Fell asleep about thirty or forty minutes in.
I was enjoying it though and will return to it again soon.
Old movies are so much smarter and full of life than the shit they’re passing off as cinema these days.

And where were you when Eve tempted Adam with the pomegranate?
And what did you think when Eve was created from Adam’s rib?
If I had known we were having barbecue for dinner I wouldn’t have eaten such a big lunch.

Caught myself watching you from afar.
It was like the old days before we were well acquainted and everything impressed you and the sweet bird of youth still raged inside of you like The Black Keys before they were bitten by a Danger Mouse.
They say Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Capital of the world. I call them on their bullshit and do my very best to remind them of Cosimo Matassa and his recording studio at the back of his family’s shop on Rampart Street, in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
And don’t even get me started about Sam Phillips and that young truck driver who just wanted to make a record for his mama.

Maybe I’d rather just crawl up into a misshapen ball and go the way of the dinosaurs and old talk show hosts.
Have you seen Letterman lately? I want to go stand on his lawn just so he can yell at me and I can give the king of late night the finger as I’m hauled off by the fat pigs passed off as policemen today.
And you know we make too much of a fuss over dying. Even Princess Leia’s mother dying from grief is a whole heck of a lot better than suffering for years from an undisclosed illness or having your brain eaten away by plaque as everyone you once loved becomes a stranger and Brief Encounter a film you enjoyed long ago no longer makes any sense to you.

Charles Cicirella

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